What Are Those Streaks On My Gutters

Have you ever noticed an odd pattern on your gutters? It looks like stripes in sections or along the entire length of the material. As you get closer you’ll realize it’s dirt that’s causing those unsightly strips. You might notice them more if you have light-colored gutters or if the buildup has gotten so bad it’s taking over the entire gutter. Here’s what it is exactly and how you can get it removed.

What is the streak misconception?

There’s a misconception that these streaks, stripes, lines, or whatever you want to call them, is the paint lifting from the gutter so the raw material is showing through. Some might think it’s color from the asphalt shingles leaking down. They see the shingles fading and the stripes on the gutter and combine the two.

So, what is it?

Simply put, those lines are dirt. The gutters can reduce the rainwater from turning your house into a waterfall, but it’s never going to be able to get every single drop. Even when the gutters are completely clean, allowing rainwater to get through, water will still spill over the edges. Dirt, debris, pollen, grime, etc. build ups on the roof and the gutters. When it rains, this dirt and grime will wash down onto your gutters causing those unsightly stripes.

How should it be cleaned?

For simple cleaning, using a hose with a strong stream to remove the dirt might work. They do make gutter cleaning solutions for more stubborn streaks. Regular gutter maintenance can help avoid streaks in the future. Of course, we always suggest calling in the professionals to ensure that you’re safely and effectively removing any buildup without damaging the property.

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