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Parking areas, walkways, driveways, concrete patios, and other outdoor concrete areas in Myrtle Beach can get dirty pretty fast. And let’s face it, dirty and grimy concrete can ruin the overall look of your property, no matter how clean everything else is.

That’s why so many homeowners and property owners in the Grand Strand area utilize Advanced Power Wash for their residential concrete cleaning services.

The Importance of Concrete Cleaning

Concrete cleaning is often overlooked compared to other exterior house cleaning, but it is just as important. A clean concrete area not only looks nice and increases curb appeal, but is also safer and helps the concrete retain its durability.

Your concrete areas such as walkways, driveways and patios take a daily beating—they are some of the most trafficked areas outside of your home. While you may not think your footsteps are causing too much harm, the dirt and contaminants that come off your shoes can be quite harmful over time. Not to mention dropped food and drink, oil stains, and environmental dirt and debris from the weather.

All this grime makes your concrete a perfect breeding place for mildew and moss, and it can make your concrete look years older than it actually is. Aside from how bad the concrete might look, the contaminants can also cause deterioration, cracking, and crumbling, leading to costly repairs. And, if not properly cleaned, it can also be quite slippery when wet, increasing the risk of accidents and injuries

Why Advanced Power Wash?

Homeowners in Myrtle Beach trust us for professional and efficient concrete cleaning at a reasonable cost. Our team of fully trained, experienced, certified and insured technicians possess the right equipment to restore the look of your concrete back to its pristine condition.

While you can certainly rent a power washer yourself, without the right cleaning solution and professional equipment, you may not get the concrete as thoroughly clean as you’d like. Plus, it’s extremely time-consuming. Save yourself the hassle and rest with peace of mind that the job will be done 100% to your satisfaction!

Contact us today to request a quote for concrete cleaning in Myrtle Beach. We’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have and look forward to building a new relationship!

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